Mowrey Manor Illustration Series

I had an amazing opportunity through Angry Bear to do some illustrations for an educational iPad app for kids! The project was challenging in all the right ways and I'm very pleased with the end results.
First up, the Arial View of Edward Mowrey's manor! The concept here was to produce a map like all the vintage theme park maps I grew up loving and hanging on my walls. I love doing maps like this because it is worldbuilding at its finest!
Next up was the character design for Edward Mowrey. Edward is a fun character with lots of money and quirky charm!
Below you'll see my first 2 passes on the character. I wanted to show a younger and older version just to give the client a few options. Ultimately they chose the younger version with a few modifications which all served to make the character design very strong.
Next up we have an interior illustration of one of the rooms in the Mansion. There are lots of specifically placed objects for kids to explore and it was quite a challenge drawing all of them!
Here are some detail shots of the interior:
Last but not least, I was asked to draw a map which would serve as a navigational element within the app. I do love me some maps!
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