Dwell Magazine - July / August

I had the good pleasure of doing a full page editorial illustration for Dwell Magazine under the art direction of Alejandro Chavetta! The article was on the topic of modern home security systems which meant I got to draw a modern home in an outdoor setting.
Working with Dwell was a super smooth process. They already had their layout defined and knew just what they wanted. They started by sending me a basic layout of the text which occupied the top and bottom of the page and gave me room to draw in the center. Here's my rough sketch:
Once I had my rough sketch together, I decided to put a few tones down just to give a better sense of the direction I could go with the finished illustration. I sent two options: 1 - a daytime scene of a modern home with a moat surrounding it and 2 - a nighttime scene with a moat and a forcefield around the exterior of the home.
Here's what the article looked like with the layouts they sent for me to draw around.
Ultimately, they had a great idea to include hidden security devices placed within different objects of the home, including security cameras, hidden cams, and a sentient robot ready to foil the robber. The changes added a really nice touch which helped the connection between the content and the illustration.
And below is the final illustration. Be sure to check out the actual article, the colors came out great in the printed version.  Thanks for reading!
And a few closeups to show them yummy textures!
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