Adobe Inspire

In December 2013, I had the honor and privilege of being featured in Adobe Inspire Magazine. I was also given the opportunity to draw a wintery image for the cover which I was excited to tackle! There were no perimeters around the assignment other than the winter theme so naturally, I drew toward the mountains!
I think not having a set direction for an illustration can be one of the most challenging assignments for me simply because during my time as a designer, I grew used to having every single thing dictated for me in terms of what was needed and how it needed to be done. That's been one of the most enriching aspects of my transition into full time illustration last year - the freedom to create with less boundaries. I still find a certain level of comfort in those boundaries though, but I relish the challenge of an open canvas.
/end tangent.
Here's a look at what I created for Adobe. Big thanks to Terri Stone and the Adobe Inspire team - it was a pleasure working with them!
Below is the rough sketch I produced to establish the overall concept and look of the piece. 
Here we have a vertical composition of the same piece. Since the magazine is a digital publication for tablets, it needed to be done both horizontally as well as vertically. 
And here are a handful of closeups to see some of the details of the peice. 
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