2014 LabelExpo

Early in 2014, I had the distinct fortune of working with the Tarsus Group for the 2nd year in a row producing illustrations for the Label Expo. This year, their theme centered on The Great Outdoors for the convention being held in Chicago, and will allow me to work on a multitude of pieces for them. In this set, you'll see the first 2 pieces we created together, as well as my usual breakdown of the process.
Illustration 1
The first illustration I did served as a teaser for the overall campaign. Tarsus requested a hiking backpack filled with specific items which are relevant to the content of their campaign. The brief was specific and detailed which allowed me to jump into the illustration with ease and excitement.
Illustration 2
The second illustration for the 2014 Label Expo Americas, we find our main character venturing out into the wilderness with his backpack. The team at Tarsus again had a very specific brief which articulated various landscapes they wanted to see in the distance. Combining this many landscapes was challenging, but so much fun.
I used my typical process to create this piece: rough sketches, polished sketches, blocking in values, and color explorations. For the color explorations, I presented a mid-morning color scheme as well as a sunset. The mid-morning color scheme worked better for their purposes so they chose to go forward with that option.
Here are a handful of detail shots. Thanks for taking the time to check out my work, I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy creating it!
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